Video: Q&A

I tweeted asking if anyone would be interested in a Q&A, and to my surprise, I got many Qs to A.

Video notes:

  • Do you have a day job? ()
  • How was VCF Midwest? ()
  • How'd you get started with OpenBSD? ()
  • How'd you end up at your terminal color scheme? ()
  • What's the point of using super old Macs/PCs running super old operating systems? ()
  • I'm curious why you switched from modern Mac to OpenBSD / old Mac ()
  • What are some things that past development environments did better than modern ones do? ()
  • Would love to hear about your recording set up ()
  • When you have a problem to solve, what are your primary sources? ()
  • What do you think about Mini vMac? ()
  • How much of your computing do you do on [OpenBSD]? What things you think it does well, what things that are hard? ()
  • What version of OpenBSD/m68k are you running? ()
  • Are you working on OpenBSD on the M1 Macs? ()
  • Did you see this? ()
    • 12" PowerBooks and nerd BO
  • Why do my fonts suck? ()
  • Differences in initial ThinkPad Carbon audio setup and dialing in(?) ()
  • Differences between FreeBSD and OpenBSD ()
  • Tutorial on OpenBSD IKEv2 setup with Fedora client is nice to see ()
  • What do you think about importing OpenZFS on OpenBSD? ()
  • Is there anything in the OpenBSD ecosystem close to/similar to NixOS? ()
    • I meant "cattle vs. pets", not sheep. I guess you could have sheep as pets though.
  • I would like to understand better what the adventure of porting a driver to OpenBSD is like ()
  • What advice would you give to somebody who wanted to get invovled in writing drivers for OpenBSD? ()
  • How to install and use OpenBSD on a machine with Nvidia card ()
  • What is your specific workflow with Git and CVS for OpenBSD? ()
  • If you had to pick one machine/OS to use for the next 10 years, what would it be and why? ()
  • If you had to switch to a Linux distribution, which one and why? ()
  • How would you sell OpenBSD to someone who would otherwise have no interest in it? ()
  • What project of yours do you wish you had more time to work on? ()
  • What do you think would have been necessary to decide Garbage was delivering on your expectations when you started that podcast? ()
  • What software do you use to drive your 3D printer? ()
  • I love your desk set up, but I think the angle in the few photos I have seen confuse me ()
  • What features do you think would be awesome to add to sdorfehs/ratpoison style window managers? ()
  • Who would win in a fair fight: a horse sized duck or the equivalent weight of duck sized horses? ()
  • After your BBS and System 6 series, what's next? ()
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