Subtext 1.1 Released

Subtext BBS Server 1.1 has been released:

  • subtext-1.1.sit (StuffIt 3 archive, includes source code and THINK C 5 project file)
    SHA256: 8b81cc451e8564fcb1516c0d3e9183c9aaed3658c62f5e8384c288af1978171d
    SHA1: fdefd8f8a774b69294e6ceee8b3340fdc593e094

Changes in this version:

  • Fix crash that could occur when more than one user is in chat, one user quits chat, and then remaining users continue to chat
  • Fix problem when running under non-MultiFinder where subsequent runs would fail with errors opening board and folder databases because they were not properly closed on the first run
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